Modular and Descriptive Class Names

June 17, 2016

What’s the big deal, just name it the first thing that makes sense, right? It makes sense now, so it will probably always make sense! .btn–small, .btn–tiny, .btn–really-tiny, umm… .btn–really-super-duper-tiny! Considering your class names avoids headaches and confusion down the road. But that’s easier said than done. Before we figure that out, let’s get some… read more

B is for Block: An Intro to the BEM Naming Convention

BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a great way to keep class naming consistent and meaningful. If you’ve never used BEM before but want to understand how it works, or if you’re thinking about using it for an upcoming site or component, this article is meant for you. If you’re already familiar with how BEM works,… read more

Extensively Extending Sass @extend: How I Overused Extends

Right now, I believe CSS should be minimal, meaningful (to people), and not descriptive of what it looks like (visually). Also, I can be a bit of an idealist. Especially at the beginning of a project. As a warning, this post isn’t meant to teach basic CSS concepts. Get ready for some CSS nerdery. Project… read more

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working for Free

It’s tempting to work for free or with steep discounts for friends and nonprofits, but there are some pitfalls to be aware of. If you can get to the end of these questions and feel great about designing a logo, building a website, or whatever it is you do, then by all means, go for… read more

7 Easy Steps to Fail at Building a Network

For most of my career, I’ve felt like an imposter. I didn’t think I knew enough to contribute to the web designer/dev community, so why would anyone want to network with me? If I tried, wouldn’t people just figure out I didn’t know as much as them? I used to believe this was true. As… read more

How to Get Started as a Web Developer

I became a designer and developer by baking bread. Wait… let me start over. I accidentally became a web designer/developer by baking bread. Here’s how it happened: Get a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Elementary Education Learn how to make great sourdough breads Sell bread and my wife’s granola bars (best bars… read more

Let’s Celebrate! All Responsive Websites Look the Same

The dust has settled from the introduction of Responsive Web Design (RWD), and we’ve honed design patterns that adapt well across devices. This has led to those same design patterns appearing on site, after site, after site. But few people seem to be celebrating this trend. Does it mean we’ve lost our desire to innovate,… read more

Quick Tips to Improve your Website’s Accessibility

Web accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought, but, oftentimes, it is. Fortunately, for most basic sites, it’s easy to make some minor adjustments that make a huge difference in the site’s accessibility. I recently retrofitted some of my designs and code to be more accessible, so here’s a few quick tips I picked up along the… read more

Skip to Content Link Bug in Chrome

Skip to content links are a great way to give people using screen readers a quick way to skip your navigation and go straight to the good stuff. Unfortunately, Chrome’s implementation is buggy, and I tried to trouble-shoot it for far longer than I would have liked. My previous skip to content link looked like… read more