Taxonomy Queries with WordPress v2 REST API

March 26, 2018

In order to access posts by a taxonomy query via the v2 WP REST API, you’ll need to do a little set-up first. Let’s say we’re starting a beer blog, and we’re attaching two custom taxonomies to our posts: “styles” and “breweries”. Creating the Taxonomies When you register the taxonomy using register_taxonomy, you have to… read more

Tutorial: How to Minify & Version a JS File with NPM Scripts

One of the studies with the Center for Media Engagement needed a straightforward way to maintain and deploy a single JS file. I didn’t want to use a big fancy WebPack or Gulp setup when all we needed was to minify and version a single JS file, so I turned to using npm scripts. tl;dr… read more

WordPress Actions Made Simple

I was coding WordPress themes for an embarrassingly long time before I fully understood how to use WordPress actions. This is how I wish someone had explained them to me when I was beginning as a developer. I’m going to walk through this abstractly, not with actual WordPress hooks. The point of this article is… read more

Basic HTML Boilerplate Structure

When you only create a new base template every few months (or longer!), it’s hard to remember the little details of the structure that you don’t touch often. As of HTML5, the <doctype>declaration and structure has gotten a lot easier, but it’s still easy to forget. Here’s the basics: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <title>Page… read more

Switch WordPress Database based on Git Branch

I’m working on a large redesign project where lots of database changes are going to take place. In order to not mix-up the current master branch with the new redesign changes, I made a new database so I can keep things separate. The only trick is to remember to change out the database in wp-config.php… read more

Terminal window with a bunch of queries like

Import a Huge Database with MySQL Command Line in MAMP

I needed to import a 500mb MySQL database today, and I didn’t want to mess with changing the max 32mb upload file size with phpmyadmin.┬áThe 32mb limit is due to having to upload and process the file, but if the file is on your local machine anyways, there’s no need to upload it. Let’s bypass… read more

Is This Thing On? A Toggle/Light Switch Quiz

Maybe it’s just me, but toggles and light switches always trip* me up. To pseudo-scientifically find out, I captured different toggle designs in the wild from the ol’ World Wild Web into a quiz using the Quiz Creator I designed and developed for the Center for Media Engagement. I’d be delighted if you took the… read more

Share Pie with Strangers

Two years ago I spent the night in a cabin in an RV park in Northern California. My family and I finished dinner and lounged around a picnic table. A jovial man sat down and introduced himself. Talk quickly turned to work, and we realized we were both web designers/developers. I was a bit further… read more

Terminal Command for Looking up Nameservers

At The Engaging News Project, we recently upgraded our DNS hosting by moving over to Cloudflare. I wanted to test our site as soon as the nameservers updated to Cloudflare’s to make sure no weird issues popped up. Fortunately, there’s a handy terminal command for that! $ nslookup -type=ns nslookup is a command to… read more