We The Trees (WTT) is the premier crowdfunding platform for individuals and organizations to raise funds for social, educational, and environmental projects. I built WTT with a team of four people around the world. I led all design, branding, and front-end development work.

Person using We The Trees website on a tablet


Crowdfunding has changed the world. At the time, no one was crowdfunding to benefit people, the environment, and social justice.

Sustainability projects and permaculture education did not have a crowdfunding home. Other sites were focused on tangible items, but what about investing in people and how they can change the world? Our team was adamant about bringing crowdfunding to people around the world who could really, truly utilize it as a catalyst for changing their lives and the world around them.

Investment capital was low, so we needed to build budget considerations into all aspects of WTT, while still proving an uncompromisingly-good website.


We empowered users to fulfill their dreams, and gave them the tools to do so.

We researched open-source software around crowdfunding, but ultimately built our own, which eventually transformed into CrowdfundHQ. We designed the site to empower users to create campaigns that they truly cared about, and provided them with the resources they needed to be successful, such as pre-made videos for them to use and edit freely, example campaigns, keys elements for successful campaigns, and more.

We The Trees didn't have enough capital to sustain a full-time employee, so we automated as much as possible, while providing manual review in crucial areas to give our users the best support possible.


As of 2015, We The Trees has raised more than $250,000 for social justice, environmental, and education projects around the world.

We The Trees has allowed people around the world to revitalize their neighborhoods through environmental projects, allowed people to receive education to bring back a new vision for their impoverished homes, allowed people to create documentaries about social justice and environmental issues, and more.

Our average contribution is nearly $100, which is about $30 higher than the industry average. With $250,000 total raised for projects around the world, We The Trees is fulfilling its goal to empower people around the world to create a better place for themselves and the people around them.