The owner of Sweet Pea Box wanted to create a site to allow people to subscribe to a monthly service to receive a box of clothing picked for them based on their inputs into a form that the customer can update themselves that will automatically update a database for Sweet Pea Box to access and pack up their order. Whew! That’s a mouthful.


Most subscription clothing services don't allow people to create custom profiles of what they need and like.

Sweet Pea Box's owner had subscribed to several companies' subscription clothing services for her kids and noticed they were growing faster than they could keep up with. She also identified key areas they were missing the mark.

Why did they keep sending her long sleeve shirts when she lived in a warm climate? Why couldn't she choose what types of clothes she liked to get for her kids?


I designed playful branding, a smooth & fun order form, and integrated WePay's subscription API.

First, we worked on creating her branding. It needed to be playful and inviting and appeal to her market. I custom illustrated a decorative sweet pea and paired it with a nice, handwritten cursive typeface.

For the website, we needed a smooth, easy checkout for creating and updating subscriptions. I designed a form that wouldn't feel like a form, by replacing anything I could with custom illustrations.


Sweet Pea Box grew so fast, they had to block new sign-ups.

The Sweet Pea Box site came together wonderfully and really pushes the limits of WordPress as a CMS as a Subscription Clothing service. Within a few weeks of launch, Sweet Pea Box was overloaded with orders and had to block more sign-ups until they expanded their service.

Within a year, Sweet Pea Box had grown enough to where the owner could sell the business. Pretty ideal, if you ask me.