Ronald McDonald House of Des Moines houses families when their child has medical needs. Before working with them, I had no idea the lengths they go to to support those families, and they do so much more than that too, like offering scholarships and grants.

My partner at Messenger Pigeons and I both did design work, and I coded the website.

Person holding iPhone, viewing Ronald McDonald House Des Moines website


Ronald McDonald House Des Moines couldn't update their site, so content was static and stale.

Their previous web designers had used a proprietary PHP system that they owned, and didn't give any access to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) staff. They were overcharged for hosting. They couldn't promote upcoming events by featuring them on their website.

Many of the great programs they offer and the high-quality service they give to the people coming to their home wasn't on their website. They were doing so many great things that were unknown to a visitor to their website.

Most importantly, they weren't featuring any info to their main users - guests of the house.


They needed a website that worked for them, not against them.

We designed the site with our priority user in mind: guests of the house. Guests were there because their child is sick. They don't need any added stressors, so we made sure to put Guest Info in the main navigation.

For other site users, we showed the richness of RMH and all the programs they offer and ways to get involved. In the first 15 seconds, a user should have a basic idea of what RMH is, their primary goal, and how they can help.


Fundraisers are up-to-date and engagement is up 50%.

Without any SEO or marketing pushes, RMH has seen a 50% increase in site visitors. Their website is allowing them to add new content, share the stories of their guests, and the site usage reflects that.

Their responsive website now works across all devices, and communicates their goals quickly and well.