Rebecca McClanahan, former MO State Representative, approached me about leading her campaign design and online solutions. As most campaigns go, everything was on a tight schedule.


Rep. McClanahan needed to engage her constituents with an updated logo and strong online presence.

Rebecca McClanahan had been elected once before, then wasn't elected for the next session. She decided to campaign one more time.

Her logo was outdated and clunky, and so was her old website. There were no opportunities for her to post new content, or, most importantly, allow her users to engage with her.

There were some constraints for the logo though: Rep. McClanahan still had a lot of signage and literature with her old logo on it and they wouldn’t need to purchase more for this campaign.


I updated her logo while keeping it recognizable, reduced ongoing costs of the website, and optimized engagement.

I had to freshen up the logo while still having it be instantly recognizable as hers. I stayed with the image of Missouri and the star over Northeast Missouri, but enlarged the image of Missouri and integrated it with the text to give it a better flow and cohesiveness.

For the website, I researched successful campaign websites and drew upon their research and designs. Key elements included prominent, easy ways to get involved and email sign-ups. For the email sign-up, I switched them from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp for the cheaper cost and ability to easily segment their subscribers by zip code for targeted emails, among other data. Also, I optimized for email sign-up by adding an option on the contact form to instantly subscribe to the email list at the same time.


It was a close race, but, being in rural, Northeast MO is hard for a democrat.

Many Democrats all across the US got voted out of office that year. It was the start of a strong Republican push, and it heavily affected us. We were much, much closer to victory than lots of her fellow Democrats in rural MO.

I can decisively say that our website was 400% - 1000% better than the Republican running against her. His website designer consistently tried to copy my website, but didn't design it as well, and it certainly wasn't responsive. Unfortunately, it was a win the battle, lose the war kind of thing.