Pomona Pectin is a company that produces calcium-activated pectin for making low/no-sugar jams, jellies, and more. They have nationwide distribution, and Pomona’s Pectin can be found at Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, and many more health food stores.

Person using Pomona Pectin's website on a tablet


On Pomona Pectin's old site, it was impossible for them to engage their users and their site did not reflect their brand. Customer engagement was non-existent.

The wonderful folks at Pomona Pectin couldn't make any edits to their old, static website. The code was poorly structured and maintenance was difficult. Customer engagement on their site was non-existent, and the design in no way reflected their brand.

Their time was spread thin answering the same questions over and over via email and phone. There are only three people running the company, so automating and communicating common issues was crucial.


Pomona Pectin needed a website that reinforced their brand, had great SEO and usability, reduced their workload, and was easy for them to engage users.

Pomona Pectin's box has a beautiful painting, commissioned by them when they first started selling pectin. Their box design has remained consistent since then, and is the backbone of their brand. I used high-quality scans of their logo and box to extract elements for use in the responsive site design to reinforce their brand.

We focused our time on easy maintenance of recipes for great content and SEO, highlighting user learning through FAQs and a learning library, and a smooth ordering flow for their users across the world while trying to guide users towards their store locator, so the small team of Pomona's didn't have to do time-intensive shipping.

Pomona Pectin also hired me to redesign their print directions to more clearly communicate recipes and draw attention to common problems.


Pomona Pectin's website has high-levels of engagement (1.5 - 6 minutes spent on site per user), saves them hours on the phone, doubled their newsletter sign-ups, and manufacturer orders are up 37%.

The site was launched on April 9th, 2013, and has maintained very steady growth over the previous two years. The old site did not have any analytics, so we can't compare numbers, but after nearly a million page views in two years, their site has a great bounce rate (50%), session duration (1.5 - 6 minutes), and email sign-ups have doubled.

The instructions redesign and emphasis on learning and resources has saved hours on the phone, and focused efforts, such as creating a manufacturer ordering portal, has saved them time while delivering a 37% increase in manufacturer orders.