As of 2015, Missouri still hasn’t voted to expand medicaid to cover people below the poverty line. MO Healthcare for All is actively working to change that.

Mo Healthcare for All's Website as viewed on a Desktop
Mo Healthcare for All Desktop View
Missouri Healthcare for All Website as viewed on a tablet.
Mo Healthcare for all Tablet View


Mo Healthcare for All's website didn't work. They were paying for an expensive CRM and not utilizing its power.

When MO Healthcare for All came to me, their site was dysfunctional. It wasn’t possible to sign-up on the email list or donate using their CRM. Their old site only served as an outdated business card.

There was no focus on what they wanted users to accomplish or do, and their code was inconsistent and broken.


I created a responsive website that focused their users toward Action Alerts, donations, and volunteering.

We focused on allowing easily interchangeable Action Alerts to let people easily take action on urgent issues. Next, we prioritized donations and getting involved. All forms were integrated with Convio’s non-profit fundraising and advocacy CRM (now owned by Blackbaud).

I took our static mock-ups and built them a responsive website, beautiful and functional on all devices. All HTML and CSS was coded with best practices at the time, which was very early on in the responsive design movement.


I didn't know enough at the time of making this website to get numbers as to how much their site improved. Their employees didn't have much knowledge of analytics or tracking donations.

I know their website was qualitatively a much better website that was accessible across all devices. This surely helped, but I can't give a specific metric as to how much it helped.