I don’t like to brag, but I figure this is the right place to do it. Whenever my wife talks about things I’ve accomplished, I usually just look at my feet and smile. Here’s the big one she uses to show my commitment to my work.

I’ve never received anything less than an A.

Seriously. All the way from elementary school through graduate school, nothing but A’s.

You know the whole interview bit where they ask you what your biggest weakness is, and you turn it around and make your weakness actually be a positive? Well my answer to that questions is this: I can only do my best.

Again, Seriously.

It takes a lot of focus and commitment to do that, but my track record proves it. For example, guess how many times I skipped class in college without a legitimate reason (ie- being sick).


For the third time, Seriously.

Did I mention I got married and had a kid during that time?

I do my best at everything, and I’m extremely dependable. I keep my commitments and exceed expectations, because… well… it’s my weakness.

Contact me to see how I can use my positives (and my weaknesses) to make life a little bit better for you or your company.